emplitrackShift Management System – Shift manages swiftly

All your complex shift management covered with full control.

Built to streamline employee shift scheduling and manage multiple rosters smoothly and efficiently.

Whether you have many employees working round the clock in multiple shifts or regular employees, Emplitrack attendance have got it all covered with our most flexible AI Enabled shift scheduling and management system.

Shift attendance dashboard

Increase Manpower productivity with robust shift management system of Emplitrack attendance app:

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Shift integration with Geotracking  No matter, you have field employees that can be sales, service or any field employee, you can allocate shift them based on their time of hours to take their attendance.


Shift integration with Geofencing  You can allocate shift to employees who are working in office, Site or Remote, so that they have to come under the fencing area before the shift starting time.


Shift board for dynamic shift scheduling Emplitrack being a attendance management expert gives your HR professionals a Kanban shift board that loved by many professionals to make their work effortless.

Unlimited Shift Creation

Let your HR Create unlimited shifts.

You can create end numbers of shift with many type of configuration that includes hourly shifts, timely shifts, late coming limits and early going limits etc.

Once shift will be configured, you can customize it any time to meet your requirement that will give you effortless man management.

Time Shifts

Hourly Shifts

Late coming limits

Early Going limits

And many more options

unlimited shift creation
digital shift scheduling

Digital Shift Scheduling

Let your HR Delights with online shift management system

Manage everything — Let Manager, HOD and Team leaders to manage shift scheduling according to their work planning and need.

You can add employees to any particular Shifts with just one click. You can also map users to the shift based on their department, location, and designation.

Control every aspect of a shift

Manage shifts like a superman!

There's many things to do shift scheduling than shifting to different time zones. From shift-based holidays to allowances, employees are seeking many details when they are assigned to the shift. Define weekends, Holidays, breaks, and allowances for every shift that gives your employees transparency and more clarity towards the work.

Daily, weekly and monthly attendance reports

Customized date to date attendance reports

control every aspect of a shift
other features

Other features

Other Features of our online Shift management feature:

We know, we are not stop here to give you seamless process for manage your companies leave management

Email & push notifications when Shift assigned

Auto-rotate shifts

Customize shift timings

And Much more to explore


Get Access to India’s first AI Enabled Attendance & Shift Management System


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Feedback. Here’s what our customers have been saying about our online employee shift management system feature of Emplitrack Attendance app.

We are using multiple shifts in our company, we have used many software to manage shift and attendance but all were failed to deliver the result. Finally we are using Emplitrack since last 6 months and it is perfect for Us


Harsh Pawar


The Best Attendance software for Shift management system

Map employees to standard shifts or create new shifts that suit your organization needs. Enable automatic shift rotation for employees with our custom scheduler system. Keep your Team updated on shift swaps, schedule changes, and other important shift details. Employees will receive real-time interactive notifications right to their mobile and web-based devices.