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Be Informative- Get power of data with emplitrack’s AI Based Analytics.

From analyzing complex data structures to setting up powerful reports, Emplitrack’s attendance Analytics provides you insights into various aspects of your team work pattern and generate instant reports with custom needs, enables you to make better and data-driven decisions.


Increase Manpower efficiency with AI Based reporting system of Emplitrack attendance app:

Discover why we are one of the fastest growing attendance software solutions in India!


Auto reporting to the authorities No matter, you are accessing Emplitrack dashboard or not, our system will keep you reporting some important events based on your interest identified by our AI & ML via many types of communication ways.


Custom Report generation system You can get access to custom report generation system so that you can generate any type of operation reports, analytical reports or much more with easy to understand formats.


Visual Analytics of Your Employees Get reports with visual graphics, charts and other tables to get a quick look that saves your time. Get real-time, analytical insights of each department or team and drive promising results.

Insights to plan your Growth

Let your Team plan for growth with data driven approach

Analyze and generate attendance and work efficiency reports that enable you to have an extensive view over employee work capabilities. Generate reports that help you set up growth benchmarking and plan your next month scheduling.

Visual graphics and chart reports

Analytical reports

General work reports

Attendance reports

Other custom reports of your need

Reports growth
Emplitrack office report

Time office Reports

Generate reports on leave, attendance, and others

Whether you want to keep an eye on your employeeProductivity, efficiency or just review the attendance of your team, Emplitrack’s AI reports give you a comprehensive insight into your Teams trends.

Starting from employeeshift details to attendance tracking policies, you can generate any custom report you need.

Unique Report Generator

Don’t just get, Generate

One more emergency MIS meeting coming up to you? Generate instant customized reports with your desired metrics, needs and instantly share insights with the management to make them delight. Create and customize reports the way you need for your management.

Daily, weekly and monthly customized reports

Customized date to date all type of reports

Emplitrack sales reports
other features

Other features

Other Features of our customized report access feature:

We know, we are not stop here to give you seamless process for manage your companies leave management

Email & push notifications on reporting

Auto reporting based on AI and ML Learning

Customize anything as per need

And Much more to explore


Get Access to India’s first AI Enabled Attendance Management System with custom report generator.

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Feedback. Here’s what our customers have been saying about our customized report generation tool of Emplitrack Attendance app.

Month-end meetings was very boring before we met the Emplitrack that helps us a lot in routine decision makings. It is very good, out of the box attendance application comes with many features. We thanks to the implementation team.


Amrut Patel

Ajay Cotspin Ltd

The Best online Attendance system comes with custom reporting tool.

Everyone in the market talking about features and Inputs, But at Emplitrack, we are talking about outputs. So that’s the reason behind our AI and ML Enabled custom reporting tool has been invented. Clients literally loves that, and we hope, you will too!