Track. Locate. Monitor

No idea where your field employees are?

Get full route details of where your sales and service employees are moving along with their Hold points, Exact Distance, Total Duration and meeting lists.


India’s most accurate GPS based Field Team Management system

Track your field employees with most accurate GPS Based attendance app that will help you to monitor your field staff more efficiently which ultimately helps you to increase sales efficiency and hence improves the sales growth.

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1. Track

Track your field staff’s route along with all actions he/she performed during the job time.


2. Locate

Locate field staff’s live location anytime with convenience of mobile application.


3. Monitor

Monitor field staff’s activity and efficiency along with distance, duration and performance.

Return of investment

ROI in Just 1 Day

Our app cost you at just 3 Rs/Day per employee i.e. around 99 rupees per month.

Now assume, due to this app — If your sales employee increase 1 client meeting per day then calculate how much return you are getting?

Along with ROI — It helps your authorities to manage your team better. Our AI Reporting system helps you to get statistics more accurately and ultimately it boost your overall growth.

Return of investment
False Reporting prevention

False Reporting prevention.

Get Rid of False reporting!

False reporting is a biggest issue when we talk about field employees includes sales and service team. With Emplitrack, this issue will be no more for you!

You can avoid false reporting as well as false costing of fuel — And other expenditures made by field staff for official purpose as Emplitrack tracks everything starting from meeting, travelled distance, expenses and much more to make your work culture more healthy and transparent.

Field Workforce Productivity — Improvement Software Solutions

Real-time Location based — Attendance, Live Tracking, Task Management, Data Insights and API Services to make your team more efficient.

Features of Employee tracking app:

Our field employee tracking app is most secure, simple, robust and an easy fit to any type of industry and any size of companies to increase the organization’s productivity.

Attendance System

India's first AI-enabled GPS-based attendance system

Live Tracking

You can track field employees and remote employees locations in real-time

Meeting Notes

Need to make excel files for meeting reports Emplitrack has a digital reporting system

Leave Management

Employees can now request leaves digitally for approval


Stay on top of your employees work with Emplitrack's detailed timeline features

Shift Management

Create multiple shifts and automate the attendance process

Expense Management

This analyzes your company's expenses and optimizes your employees expenditures in order to save as much money as possible

Admin Panel

This allows you to manage your business from a single screen

Custom reports

Emplitrack's AI processes your data and creates reports based on it

Customer relationship management (CRM)

With CRM, you can streamline your process with contours and increase your revenue.


India’s only Geotracking- GPS Based attendance system comes along with inbuilt Geofencing for accurate virtual boundary creations.

Now you can use Geotracking and Geofencing together with Emplitrack merge module, that gives you 10X Power to take attendance.