emplitrackEmployee Virtual Geo Fencing

Geo-fence Attendance

Take an Attendance with Geofencing - Create a virtual boundary around your office through our AI enable Geofencing algorithm. Restrict your employees to Clock-in and Clock-out within the office area only.



GPS Attendance Module  Emplitrack’s Geo fence attendance module empower you with the tools to control your team very efficiently with GPS and Location enabled AI based attendance system.


Office Time Calculation  Our application helps you to calculate the exact duration of In-office time when employee actually present in to the office premises and around the office premises.


No Hardware Needed  You do not need to purchase and maintain Biometric hardware. Now everything is on Cloud while employees can use Mobile phone or QR code. That’s Convenient!

What are we solving ??

Biometric System
Traditional Attendance
Other management apps
Accurate AttendanceYesYesNoYes
Time consumingNoYesYesYes
Customize ReportsYesNoNoYes
Secure QR ScanningYesNoNoNo
All Day TimelineYesNoNoNo
Gps BoundaryYesNoNoYes
Ess(Employee self service)YesNoNoNo
Dedicated operator(To manage system)NoYesYesYes
Out Duty attendanceAutoManualManualManual
Centralise attendanceYesNoNoNo
Interactive communicationYesNoNoYes
Mobile appYesNoNoYes
Admin panelYesYesNoNo
Auto data backupYesNoNoYes

Do not waste Money, Time and Manpower to Manage the People! Emplitrack is for you!


What is Geofencing ?

Using latest technologies such as AI and QR code, Emplitrack Geofencing Attendance system assists the staff and management of organizations to conduct their business in a more efficient fashion.

The importance of reduction Of efforts and costs in managing, monitoring and tracking staff performance is not lost to us and has been paramount while designing this Geofencing Attendance Software. Emplitrack Geofencing Attendance Management App does not place any requirement for new hardware like biometric fingerprint scanners, new servers and infrastructure.

With a simple and secure login Administrators access the web admin console and staff use their own phones to punch attendance with QR CODE OR byone clock. Emplitrack app usessome AI which notify the employee before office time when an employee is near to the office.

What is Geofencing

QR Codes

QR Code check in and check out

A key component which helps us stand out in the multitude of attendance marking apps is the OR Code facility. Emplitrack Geofencing attendance app uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) for the purposes of Identification of staff & clocking their time using existing QR Code. our Open API Architecture ensures Attendance is logged into your existing ERP / HRMS system. Key highlights of this feature are as below.

As staff walk in to your campus / office entry, use your existing QR Code to enable them to check in and check out.

Once the face recognition is done Emplitrack app ensures that the attendance for the person who checked in is updated in the system with the exact entry point and the timings.

If an employee forgets to clock in by QR Code they can also clock in by their phone only by one click.

Out duty work

Out duty work feature in Emplitrack geo fencing

FieldEmployeeTracking employees who have checked in while on the field. See employees gps based location.

You can track them by using emplitrack tracking app.Get a route map i.e. start and destination along with the actual GPS route map for each checked in employee.

View attached documents (payment receipts, cheques etc) along with time stamps. Accurate real time attendance data available to the organization at any time. Staff cannot log incorrect hours.



Benefits for Employees

Out duty check in can be done from field and outside of the office geofence(s).

Attach important documents like invoices, receipts, cheques etc at different time stamps / client locations. Travel check in and check out logs available as reports for easy reference. They do not need to come to the office for the attendance.

Automatic In/Out FeatureEmployees do not need to click or scan the QR CODE again again when entering the office. There is an automatic system which can detect the employees location in the geo fencing area.

By that employees in/ out time will store and they mation in time line and also in the reports. There is a break feature also so that employee can go outside the geo fencing area for rest or break.