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Now Expense Management is No more expensive with Emplitrack!

Emplitrack Travel and Expense system for sales or field employees offers you great features to manage and reconcile business expense for sales team seamlessly and effectively with accurate data.

Eliminate False Expense Submission!

Expense admin panel

Increase efficiency and accuracy with streamlined expense management system of Emplitrack attendance app:

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Submit through Application Enter in your expense detail along with attached proof documents on the spot of real location of spend. This will help employee to submit all expenses without error and eliminate monthly stressful excel sheet preparations.


Role Based Expense Approval With this feature, you can create roles such as HR, Admin, Team Leader, HOD, Accounts etc. and define the approver for each employee exclusively and universal too for better Expense management within the organization.


Reconciliation of Expense Employee and admin can check full status of expense approval along with fully reconciled expense sheets along with various kind of customized reporting formats and methods.

Employee Self Service for Expense Management (ESS)

Let your employee get rid of dirty excel sheet expanse filling.

Your employees will be empowered to Submit and manage their Expense quickly, allowing you to focus on core HR issues that require your undivided attention.

ESS will help your employees to apply for expense and costing online and keep eyes on his/her own Expense approval status, Payment status and much more.

Can submit expense request

Expense status and total expenditures

Can submit expense proofs

Can check summary of expense

Employee Self Service for Expense Management
Custom approval workflows

Custom approval workflows

Let your HR Delights with Digital expense management system

Manage everything — Let Manager, HOD and Team leaders to manage expense request with control of HR or accounts.

Keep full Control on who approves expense — Requests or create an alternative setup for expense approval. You can create hierarchy based online expense approval process.

This feature will help you to — manage expense approval process and workflow more efficiently along with error free data.

Expense Reports

Customized report of Expenses

We know, you cannot check all employees Expense every day, that’s why our Customized report can give you flexibility to check expense reports anytime with any inputs along with comparison, statistics and reconciled data to help you eliminate false expense entries.

Daily, weekly and monthly expense reports

Customized date to date expense reports

Individual or Team Expense

False expense submission reports & much more

Expense reports
expense other features

Other features

Other Features of our online leave management system:

We know, we are not stop here to give you seamless process for manage your companies leave management

Email & push notifications when expense submitted

Upload Image/PDF/Excel from phone

Download reconciliation reports to excel

Customizable approval workflow

And Much more to explore


Get Access to India’s first AI Enabled Attendance & Expense Management System

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Feedback. Here’s what our customers have been saying about our online employee Expense management system feature of Emplitrack Attendance app.

False expense submission was nightmare for us. We do not had any tools to check expense and approve it on daily basis. When our person check it on last date, it is nearly impossible to check each and everything. But now, Emplitrack attendance system made us relaxed. It’s just helping hand for us.


Chandrakant Tyagi

Senior HR in Dispowell Surgicals

The Best Attendance software for online Expense management system

Every companies may have different needs, so while selecting on a expense management software, it will be smart move to go with a expense application that provides the basic requirements while offering the flexibility to customize the expense process. With Emplitrack attendance, managing employee expense is error-free and cost saving with Artificial intelligence and Machine learning!