Single Attendance system for all type of employees!

We are India’s first “All in one” Attendance system that manages all type of employee attendance with single application.

check_circleGeotracking Attendance : For field employee tracking
check_circleGeofencing Attendance : For virtual office attendance
check_circleQR Code Attendance : For attendance of Office employees
check_circleFacial Recognition Attendance system: For All type of employees

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A Project suite of attendance product that suits all sets and size of companies.

No matter, How small or big you are! Emplitrack will work prefectly to deliver you flexibility and convenience along with performance improvement.

Track your employees

1. Track

FieldEmployeeTracking your field staff’s route along with all actions employee performed during the job time.

Locate your employees

2. Locate

Locate staff’s live location anytime with convenience of mobile application.

Monitor your employees

3. Monitor

Monitor all employee activity and efficiency along with customizable reports.


Attendance Modules:

We have 4 types of interlinked attendance modules that helps you to manage all type of employee seamlessly whether they are field employees, office employees, remote employees or workers.

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More Effect

More EfficientOur system is a designed in a way that helps you to work more efficiently and saves your time up to 90% on day to day employee management.

Most Secure

Most SecureOur system is designed by keeping security in mind. We secure your data in AES encryption mode and ensures the best security in the segment.

Cost effective

Cost effectiveWe offer this system at a very low and competitive pricing and we guarantee that no one in the market can offer same system within this price options.

Easy to setup

Easy to setupYou do not needs to setup server and install anything in your premises. It is plug and play system where you just need to sign up and start working within 5 minutes!

One stop solution

One stop solutionNow, you do not need to rely on different-different type of solution to manage all type of employees! You just need Emplitrack and magic will happen!

AI & ML Enabled

AI & ML EnabledWe are the first in a segment that provides AI and ML enabled system that keeps learning from your operations and helps you to work efficiently in a time-period of few months.